Pairs Scale (Quantity/Price)

You can use for all tradable pairs and their quantity or price scales and more.

Click here to access the endpoint. (For more detailed information, visit the ExchangeInfo article.)

From here, you can find the current Pair Scale and Quantity Scale information.



Quantity Scale

Pair Scale




  • Check the numaretorScale for Quantity Scale

  • Check the denominatorScale for Pair Scale

  • Check the name for Pair also you can view id for Pair ID here.

        "id": 1,
        "name": "BTCTRY",
        "nameNormalized": "BTC_TRY",
        "status": "TRADING",
        "numerator": "BTC",
        "denominator": "TRY",
        "numeratorScale": 8,
        "denominatorScale": 2,
        "hasFraction": false,
        "filters": [
            "filterType": "PRICE_FILTER",
            "minPrice": "0.0000000000001",
            "maxPrice": "10000000",
            "tickSize": "10",
            "minExchangeValue": "99.91",
            "minAmount": null,
            "maxAmount": null
        "orderMethods": [
        "displayFormat": "#,###",
        "commissionFromNumerator": false,
        "order": 1000,
        "priceRounding": false,
        "isNew": false,
        "marketPriceWarningThresholdPercentage": 0.25,
        "maximumOrderAmount": null

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