API Access Permissions

How to Create API Key?

You can create the API key on BtcTurk | PRO web platform from the Account > API Access page. To reach the page: https://kripto.btcturk.com/en/account/api-access

  • In the form select WebSocket, enter your IP address and submit.

  • This action will create public key and a private key to achieve WebSocket login.

The API key can only be generated from BtcTurk | Kripto website.

If the API keys were accidentally shared, please delete them immediately and create a new one.

You can view API permissions and their meanings with the table below. You can give the necessary permissions for the endpoints you want to access.


Total Funds (Toplam Varlık)

/api/v1/users/balances (GET)

Trade (Al-Sat)

/api/v1/allOrders (GET)

/api/v1/order/{orderId} (GET)

/api/v1/order (POST)

/api/v1/order (DELETE) /api/v1/openOrders (GET)

Account (Hesap)

/api/v1/users/transactions/trade (GET) /api/v1/users/transactions/fiat (GET)

/api/v1/users/transactions/crypto (GET)


WebSocket messages

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